5 Items Every Pin-Up Should Own

While attitude is a big part of distinguishing a pin up model from an editorial model, there are a few essential items that every pin up should own. While everyone will have a slightly different list, I’ve discovered that these things are part of what help me create my own pin up look.

1. Liquid eyeliner. Get an eyeliner that has a small brush so that you can get a really precise, cat-eye look that every pin up needs. It takes some practice to make it look just right, but once you perfect it, it will look awesome. I use Sephora brand eyeliner, and I would definitely recommend it.

2. Hair bows/flowers. This may not make it to everyone’s list, but it is a must on mine. I love hair flowers and bows. They are fun and they help to make your look a little more interesting. I usually wear them when I have a bad hair day because I can use them to hold my hair back.

3. Cat-eye sunglasses/glasses. This is a bit harder to pull off. I searched for months before I found the perfect cat-eye sunglasses, but if you can find some that look good, buy them. They’re so cute, and they really help pull that vintage look together.

4. Dresses. Not just any dress, but one (or some) that really compliment your shape and help to give you the hourglass figure. There are many pin up sites that sell adorable dresses. Berniedexter.com has some really fun and flirty dresses that look good on everyone.

One of my favorite dresses. I got this at Anthropologie, and it was on sale!

One of my favorite dresses. I got this at Anthropologie, and it was on sale!

5. Red lipstick. This is essential to anyone who wants to be a pin up. It’s glamorous, and honestly, who doesn’t love lipstick? Have trouble finding the perfect red? Read my post: 3 Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Pin-Up Lipstick. https://myvintageadventures.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/3-quick-tips-to-finding-the-perfect-pin-up-lipstick/

I hope this list will help you in your own journey to becoming a pin up. With more experience, I’m sure you’ll add more essentials to your list, but these are definitely my favorite pin up items!


2 thoughts on “5 Items Every Pin-Up Should Own

    • Thank you!
      I got that dress on sale! It was actually very much on sale, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten it. I love me a good bargain and can’t bring myself to spend much on anything. It takes a lot of digging and waiting, but you can find some really good prices on their stuff every now and then!

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