So, You Want to be a Pin Up?

Sometimes, it’s not always easy to put yourself out there. Some people are just born with an insane amount of confidence, and some of us constantly have to work on it. If you want to be a pin up model, you have to get your confidence level up! It can be a bit difficult at first, but once you get your hair and makeup done, you begin to feel like a real pin up, and it gives you that little boost you need.
Second, go find a pin up book so that you can study and practice poses! It can be a bit awkward at first, but practice is never a bad idea! This way, you can perfect making pretty faces while posing (which can be pretty difficult sometimes).
Now, go book a shoot. Find a local photographer who knows about pinup. This way, they can pose you, and make you look fabulous! You’ll probably have to pay, but that’s normal. Just don’t pay too much! Some photographers will even do a trade shoot where they’ll take your pictures to beef up their portfolio and give you a disk of pictures in return.
Don’t be afraid! Once you are in front of the camera, your confidence will soar! A good photographer will make you feel extremely comfortable, and your pictures will turn out awesome!
Clearly, these aren’t things that will happen overnight! Especially that confidence thing that most of us have issues with. The more experience you get, the better you will get. Always remember to have fun! Pin up modeling is cute and flirty, so that exactly how you should act during your shoot.

Here’s the pinup book I bought earlier this year. It’s filled with pictures of classic pin up models! A book like this is great for posing ideas. I bought this at Barnes & Noble, and they have many pin up books to choose from!



2 thoughts on “So, You Want to be a Pin Up?

  1. I think it is awesome how you are a pin up model! You seem really dedicated and I read that you will have to pay a photographer or get a trade out and it made me wonder if you ever actually get paid to do these shoots? I feel like you should!

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