My Birthday Shenanigans

Today, I’m 22 years old. It’s almost as unimportant as turning 19. The only difference is that now, the only thing I have to look forward to is… Well, nothing really.

However, I consider myself a “do-it-upper.” Meaning, I will celebrate every birthday like its my 21st. Not the drinking part, but the idea that it’s important. Because they’re all important in my eyes. So, this small town girl decided to go live it up in Los Angeles.

I tried to go vintage shopping, but I apparently had to make an appointment to look at the good stuff. I learned this the hard, embarrassing way. I go to open the door, and lo and behold, it was locked. A sales associate with pity-filled eyes opened the door and proceeded to tell me that it is an “appointment only” store and offered me a business card so that I could make one. Well, I’m proud, so I said no. Mostly, I was just embarrassed.

So, the moral of the story? If people like Rachel Zoe shop at a place that you want to go to, call and make an appointment first so you don’t end up like the poor Oklahoma girl trying to shop like the celebs (aka, me).

On a happy note, here’s a picture of me at the beach! At least something cool was open to the public.



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