3 Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Pin-up Lipstick

I used to be scared of red lipstick. I always wanted to wear it, but it never really worked out for me. The color wouldn’t be just right or it would smear and it would take me forever to get it off. After a lot of experimenting, I found a few great ways to be sure my lipstick was just right.

1. Go for a red that has a blue or purple undertone. If it too orange, it will make your teeth look yellow, but the blue and purple undertones make your teeth look pearly white!

2. I prefer a matte lipstick. It seems to stay on longer, and the dull red looks really vintage and glamorous. It’s also trendy right now, so you can wear it at all times.

3. Wear lip liner! It makes lipstick look really clean! Also, if you fill in your lip with the liner rather than just lining, it helps the lipstick stay on longer.

I know I wasted a lot of time and lipstick trying to get the perfect pinup lips, so hopefully these tips will save some of yours!



7 thoughts on “3 Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Pin-up Lipstick

  1. Finding a red lipliner isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Suggestions there? Also, what do you think about wearing red lipstick as a day color? I have a fabulous one, but it seems more appropriate for night usage.

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